Started production of engine oils SAE 30 and SAE 40

Started production of engine oils SAE 30 and SAE 40

Despite the trend of constant renewal of automotive technology and, as a consequence, the increased supply of high-quality modern lubricants on the oil products market, the number of which can be called, to put it mildly, the age of cars is still striking in its quantity. And what many manufacturers and suppliers of motor oils can offer here?

Yes, for the most part traditional lubricants. These traditional lubricants serve faithfully for the domestic auto industry and agriculture for more than four decades. Honor and praise them for it. But everything flows and everything changes. Although the engine, for example, of a domestic truck was released 30-40 years ago, but surely more than one overhaul has already passed. And this is the replacement of rings, pistons, valves, and other elements of the power unit. Which were produced, albeit not for the modern car, but using modern materials, metals, alloys, and innovative technologies. Therefore, this technique requires special attention and proper approach to the choice of engine oil.

Understanding this problem, the specialists of the Scientific and Technical Center have developed a new series of traditional engine oils for diesel engines with improved detergent-dispersing, anti-wear, anti-oxidant properties in comparison with Gostovsky oils and meeting the requirements of the quality level API CF / CD.

These engine oils took their place in the TM TEMOL product line and were named TEMOL SAE 40 and TEMOL SAE 30.

TEMOL SAE 40 and TEMOL SAE 30 are mineral engine oils made from highly refined base oils with the addition of an effective additive package. Possessing improved antioxidant, detergent-dispersing and anti-wear properties, they provide reliable engine protection throughout the entire period of oil operation.

Motor oil TEMOL SAE 30 exceeds the performance of M-10G2k, M-10DM oils, and TEMOL SAE 40 oil exceeds the performance of M-14V2, M-14G2TsS oils. Also in comparison with these traditional oils, the use of oils of the TEMOL SAE 30, 40 series allows to increase the oil change interval up to 40%.

Oils of the TEMOL SAE 30, 40 series are intended for use in diesel engines of trucks, off-road, construction, agricultural machinery operating in difficult conditions.

The TEMOL team and specialists of the scientific and technical center work not only on the production of new types of products that consumers want to see, but also provide consulting services on the selection and use of materials, as well as their monitoring during operation. Technical specialists of OILConsulting and OilDocotr services are always ready to answer your questions.