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TEMOL has chosen the only right way of development, the way of the brand with real European values.

1. All produced materials under the TEMOL brand are manufactured exclusively from high quality original base components of European manufacturers such as NESTE OIL (Finland), SHEVRON (USA), NYNAS (Sweden), additives of the world’s leading manufacturers with the world-known name AFTON (USA), Infineum (UK) Lubrizol (USA).

2. All stages of the production process, without exception, are controlled by a certified laboratory from the moment of arrival of raw materials, control of the technological process at individual production stages and 100% quality control of the finished product.

3. The products of the TEMOL brand not only correspond to the world’s leading specifications, but there quality is confirmed by official approvals from the leading equipment manufacturers – Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Renault.

4. TEMOL wide range includes motor oils, transmission oils, special-purpose oils, lubricants, cooling fluids, washer fluid, brake fluids and other technical fluids. TEMOL strives to become your partner from the first appliance of our products and allows the consumer to solve all issues related to the maintenance of his equipment optimally, effectively and easily.

TEMOL production plant video

MB Approval TEMOL Luxe 5W-30

MB Approval TEMOL Luxe 5W-40



Our team

Starostyn Viacheslav


Demchenko Andew

Business Development Director

Tkachenko Alexei

Sales Manager

Our team is open for partnership and cooperation in providing high-quality lubricants and technical auto fluids. For questions about availability and sales locations, distribution organization in a specific region, and the supply of TEMOL brand products, please contact the TEMOL team according to the following form.