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Academy of Lubricants

We are glad to welcome you in the Academy of Lubricants.

The Academy of Lubricants is a series of training courses on the types of motor, transmission, hydraulic and other technical oils and fluids, on the design and operation principles of engines and machinery which use these oils and fluids. Here you can get additional professional knowledge and learn how to use them effectively. In the process of training we apply modern digital solutions, online and offline courses and tests. We are ready to provide you with all needed information about both the TEMOL products and their practical application, and to improve your knowledge about lubricants in general. This will help you to be well-informed about the modern industry of the lubricants and technical fluids and to achieve even greater success in business.

At the end of the Academy of Lubricants course you will receive a specialist diploma in lubricants. You will obtain all necessary knowledge about these products. Your customers will have no doubt that they are offered the best products, the highest level of service and the most professional recommendations.

The course is conducted by a team of highly qualified experts in the field of lubricants and technical fluids, led by Roman Chebaev.

Laboratory Audit

Reliable and trouble-free operation of cars and machinery primarily depends on the constant diagnostics and monitoring of their operation. This monitoring should be permanent, prompt, timely and reliable. Innovative methods for lubrication systems monitoring without disassembling and dismantling them ensure reliable operation of machinery during the set operating life and reduce downtime of equipment.

TEMOL technical support provides its partners with the service “Laboratory Audit”. Technicians with the help of a portable mini laboratory can almost immediately estimate the preservation of the detergent-dispersant oil properties, determine the changes in the oil condition caused by the water content, fuel contamination, oxidation, and metal contamination. The service from the TEMOL mini laboratory is designed to monitor the oil condition in order to determine its suitability for further operation.

TEMOL oil analysis provides a quick and accurate picture of what is happening inside the equipment and provides important information about the oil condition. This information allows to optimize the oil change interval and determine the presence of mechanical wear and loss of lubricating properties. Monitoring of the lubricants condition which are in the equipment is one of the most important tools of maintenance service.

Based on the conducted analysis, our experts give recommendations on the further operation of equipment and lubricants.