Users of automotive equipment always have questions about its operation. Consumers are cautious in selecting lubricants for their equipment. Which oil should be used? What is the oil consumption rate? And the viscosity? How loud does the engine work with it?
If one of your friends is a technician - you're lucky and can get all the answers. But if this is not your case - don't worry, we have created a great alternative.
Studying at OIL ACADEMY, our customers know the answers to all of the questions about how to use TEMOL products in their equipment.
OIL ACADEMY offers training courses for TEMOL technicians and consumers. Members of OA study the peculiarities and nuances of the use of modern lubricants (oils, lubricants, coolants, auto chemicals) for various equipment (engines, reduction units, compressors, turbines). Also, they learn the basics of sales of the brand's products.
The course gives a particular focus to the sale of TEMOL products to end consumers. Distributors who study at the Oil Academy know how to optimally present the brand's advantages over other manufacturers, work with objections, and build long-term relations with the customer.
Having received the necessary knowledge, sales managers feel more confident while conducting negotiations during the sales process.
Studying on a free-of-charge basis at the Oil Academy, you will get professional knowledge about:


  • peculiarities of lubrication of friction units, lubrication modes;
  • lubricant manufacturing technology;
  • peculiarities of the use of a modern motor, transmission, hydraulic oils for commercial and consumer equipment, special oils for manufacturing and agricultural industries, greases and antifreeze;
  • international specification and standardization of lubricants;
  • methods of analysis, diagnostics and testing of lubricants.

Learning with us is easy. Online and offline lectures, training, tests do not take much time. Even after the first training module, you will feel yourself an expert in the processes of manufacturing and selling lubricants. Resting upon the information about TEMOL brand products and products of domestic and foreign competitors, you will better navigate the current realities of the lubricants industry and market and achieve even greater business success. The knowledge acquired will also come in handy for own needs.
You may select the necessary modules and learn only them. You can see the structure of the course here.
After the training, your customers will see that you are an expert and have no doubt that they are offered the best products, the highest level of service and professional advice. You will answer any question with confidence and thus prove your expertise.

* Lectures and training are conducted in Ukrainian and Russian languages.