До кожної оливи PREMIUM 5л MULTISPRAY 200ml у подарунок! До кожної оливи PREMIUM 5л MULTISPRAY 200ml у подарунок!
About the brand

TEMOL is a Ukrainian brand of automotive products specializing in oils, lubricants, greases, auto chemicals and car cosmetics.
For over 20 years, we have been creating motor and transmission oils, brake fluids, ATF and MTF fluids, and lubricants for all types of equipment, units and mechanisms, antifreeze&coolants, windshield washer fluids, car shampoos and other service products.
TEMOL customers use our products for professional service at car service centres as well as for individual use in passenger cars and trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, gardening implements and other equipment.

About the brand

TEMOL products are manufactured subject to the current European standards and are already used by consumers in 15 countries. However, we are moving beyond and keep on expanding our export geography.

Our brand’s range of products comprises more than 300 items. Owing to our extensive distribution network and logistics system, we promptly provide the products to our customers.
We aim to ensure that car owners meet with service workers only for scheduled inspections.

Quality confirmed by automotive manufacturers
Support programs
OilAcademy and OilDoctor are introduced services, with the help of which clients have the opportunity to study the specifics of the use of lubricants, as well as to carry out their laboratory audit.

Lubricants and automotive chemicals play a crucial role in maintaining the performance and increasing the longevity of a vehicle's engine. Quality products ensure high thermal stability, effectively slow down oxidation processes, and prevent corrosion, significantly reducing high and low temperature deposits. The Ukrainian innovative brand TEMOL, which has established itself in the domestic and international markets, offers Ukrainian motor oil and car chemicals of European quality at competitive prices. By using TEMOL products, the vehicle's engine operates optimally, receiving preventive care throughout its service life. However, to purchase original motor oil online, it's essential to rely on offers from official websites.

TEMOL's official oil store: the brand's official sales point

Welcome to the TEMOL platform. This is where you can get a comprehensive solution to problems related to the optimal choice, in-house production, and convenient realization of lubricants and car chemicals, namely: Ukrainian motor oils, transmission, energy, industrial, universal, and special oils, multipurpose lubricants, cooling fluids, and car cosmetics. Our online motor oil store is not just an electronic product catalog through which you place an order; it's a full-fledged resource that helps users understand:

  1. How to use Ukrainian-made motor oils to achieve the stated properties. Educational programs and materials have been developed for this purpose, accessible both to salespeople in dealership sales centers and to regular retail customers.
  2. Product information detailing which approvals it has and which international requirements and certifications it meets.
  3. The online car oil store allows the use of numerous filters to find a product that fully meets individual requests in just a few clicks.
  4. The car oil store guarantees all products and considers order returns within 14 days.
  5. Delivery of products to all cities in Ukraine, regardless of the volume, via transportation companies.

The range includes motor oil from the manufacturer, produced using international technologies and imported raw components. Production is located in the Kyiv region. These are fully automated lines where quality control takes place at every stage, resulting in defect-free products.

Motor oils from the manufacturer or beneficial cooperation and business development with TEMOL

We are not just an engine oil store; we are a reliable partner for business development. Our range includes many product lines of different classes. The LUXE and PREMIUM series, designed for the most demanding users, are especially popular. Our engine oil store has a quality certificate for every item and emphasizes shelf life.

To learn about our partner programs, we recommend contacting our managers for a personalized offer. TEMOL company has more than 500 official sales points in Ukraine, including specialized car stores, vehicle maintenance services, gas stations, and others.

Today, agricultural companies, transport agencies, and industrial complexes buy motor oil from our manufacturer. We are trusted and receive positive feedback from many clients.

How long has Ukrainian-produced motor oil been on the country's market?

The TEMOL company has been in Ukraine since 2000. During this time, a long journey has been taken from building the plant to obtaining permits and certifications. Our team of specialists has established communication with foreign partners and the Ukrainian consumer. As a result, a product relevant to the user has been created due to its verified quality.

By 2006, the company managed to release 1000 tons of products. After that, the turnover started to increase rapidly because our product became of interest to customers. This led to the need to transport Ukrainian lubricants by rail. As a result, TEMOL's products are known in 15 countries worldwide. They are competitive in their niche. And for Ukrainians, it's a cost-effective solution since there are no customs mark-ups on products, and the quality is comparable to global industry leaders.

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