Oil Doctor is an outsourcing service of the TEMOL company created especially to check the lubricants of consumer’s equipment.
What Oil Doctor can do for you?
The service will help:
  • make sure that the lubricants are selected appropriately;
  • prevent any problems in the equipment operation before they result in a failure, downtime and unscheduled repairs;
  • extend the life of your equipment;
  • select the optimal lubricant for the specific operating conditions of your equipment.
How does Oil Doctor work?
  • The client takes samples of lubricants and sends them to the laboratory.
  • We study them and record indicators, and repeat the study in a certain cycle.
  • We compare with previous indicators, record the dynamics of change, interpret the results and issue an opinion.
After checking the lubricants at our laboratory, you will know the physical and chemical parameters of the lubricant and get information about changes in the number of wear elements and functional additives contained in it.
To know more about the full package of Oil doctor services, follow the link.